• One to one support

    All face to face support options are for trained advisers only.  

    Arts Award advisers meeting the priority criteria below can request a free support visit from one of our trained support consultants.  All trained advisers can request a remote support session. 


    Arts Award is continually working to improve access to our programmes, including our supporter offer, for everyone with specific individual requirements. You can find out more on this here.d

    If you have any specific access needs, please contact us as far in advance as you can to discuss these requirements. While we cannot guarantee that every request can be met we will endeavour to offer support to all advisers wherever possible. This may mean that an alternative support method is more appropriate.

    Further to the criteria below, all advisers with specific access requirements are eligible for a visit. Please submit your request through the relevant link, telling us what your requirements or access needs are, and what you would like the visit to help with.

    Support visits

    We welcome requests from centres meeting the following criteria:

    1) are delivering Arts Award with large groups (approx 50+ for Bronze, Explore and Discover 20+ for Silver and 10+ for Gold)
    2) are working in a cluster or alliance with other centres and would like a visit for the whole group

    3) have had a difficult or unsuccessful moderation
    4) are working with one of Arts Award’s identified targeted groups of young people (the entire group must be in one of more of the following groups), these are:

        a) looked after children and young people / care leavers
        b) young carers / parents
        c) young people in the youth justice system
        d) homeless young people
        e) young people in hospital or suffering long term health problems
        f) Gypsy, Roma or traveller young people
        g) young people not in education, employment or training
        h) disabled young people
        i) young people with special educational needs
        j) young who live in rural isolation
        k) young people who live in an area of economic deprivation


    When you request a visit, you need to demonstrate how your centre meets one or more of the above criteria, please note support visits last approximately 2-3 hours. 

    Remote support sessions

    If you do not meet the criteria above you can still request remote support which lasts 1-2 hours and can be offered via phone, email, skype or another method if preferred, you can also send materials to your consultant to review.

    Please note visits and remote support are for trained advisers only and do not replace attending Arts Award adviser training.

    Currently remote support only is available in line with government adviser on social distancing.

    Request remote support